Is your school looking for a world class solution to manage your devices in the classroom with the teacher and outside of the classroom remotely? We have both classroom management and mobile device management solutions.

Teaching with technology represents the greatest opportunity, however research is showing that the “integration of tablets into the teaching and learning space" is proving to be challenging. Without a doubt, the proper classroom management software (CMS) makes it so much easier for teachers to manage and control the teaching and learning process. With SmartClass software teachers can easily manage students, share documents, media, quizzes, white list apps and view student tablets from a PC console or interactive whiteboard. SmartClass makes teaching and learning so much easier using Android, Windows and IOS devices paired with the CMS. 

The video clip below is a great overview of this incredible software that really helps teachers and students to get a better more focused. 

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The teacher managing her/his own class is a big step in the right direction, but what happens beyond the classroom? How do IT leaders at schools and education departments manage and control vast numbers of tablets? The answer is Radix MDM a powerful management platform designed to manage from several devices up to several million.

Below is a brochure on the Radix SmartClass and mobile device management (MDM) offering. This brochure can be easily downloaded and shared with your colleagues.

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