Interactive whiteboard software and tablet collaboration
All of EduBoards interactive whiteboard hardware solutions can combine with ANY of these powerful interactive whiteboard and tablet collaboration softwares 

The below software solutions represent the best in the World and are designed to enhance learning and teaching using the interactive whiteboard together with students tablets. Depending on a schools needs, these features can include:
  • Oktopus - Fully functional interactive whiteboard software with extended teaching and learning features for student tablet integration. Also includes powerful assessment features utilising students tablets.
  • SmartClass. This software is one of the most comprehensive classroom tablet management software available in the World. It allows the teacher to fully monitor and control apps on students tablets, plus collaborate from the interactive whiteboard and has powerful assessment features.
  • Easiteach next generation
    This is an excellent fully professional teaching software designed for teachers and built with solid teaching tools. It is a bit like power point on steroids, but with excellent teaching tools; like rulers, word wallets and measuring tools. This software is a very powerful teaching pack with thousands of resources built in. It is highly suitable as an individual class solution or a whole school solution. Below is a quick demo video clip to give and overview of the software.
Oktopus interactive whiteboard and tablet collaboration

SmartClass - Classroom management and tablet collaboration