EduBoard Interactive Classroom Solutions

EduBoard Interactive whiteboards are already used in thousands of classrooms in South Africa. Schools use EduBoard interactive whiteboards because this smart technology helps teachers to successfully bridge the digital divide.

The EduBoard interactive whiteboards incorporate a number of great ideas in a cost effective manner. The interactive whiteboards are easy to use and can fully integrate the teachers laptop or device with students tablets and devices. This allows for a great blended learning environment where Teachers can share, collaborate and monitor students, all through the local network and without the internet.

EduBoard offers the ultimate 21st Century classroom, allowing for a truly blended and interactive learning experience. Below is a quick presentation and overview of the EduBoard product and software offering:

EduBoard has three main types of Interactive whiteboard hardware. The interactive whiteboard hardware can be used with a number of World class professional teaching softwares and with different size boards. The choice is yours to create your ideal blended learning environment by choosing your ideal size interactive whiteboard and your choice of software which can include tablet integration.  Below you will find detailed brochures on the three main hardware offerings. These brochures do also include details on the software.

Option 1 - EduMax
This interactive whiteboard has been developed for South African classrooms to be cost effective, easy to use, highly functional, easy to install and maintain. The EduMax is an excellent quality interactive whiteboard. The hardware and software offer teachers a very easy entry level so that they can start using the technology from day one. Below is a full brochure which is available to view now, or download and share with your colleagues. 

Option 2 - EduBox Portable Interactive Whiteboard
Utilising the highly successful EduMax above, EduBoard developed the EduBox all in one portable interactive whiteboard in a box. It works on ANY smooth whiteboard or smooth white wall. This highly compact and functional portable interactive whiteboard is extremely cost effective and requires no installation. It is easy for a teacher to setup and simple to take home in its comfortable shoulder carry bag. 

See demo video clip on how quick and easy this portable interactive whiteboard is to use.

Below is a full brochure including all the options, is can be viewed, downloaded or shared:

Option 3 - EduGrande
This Interactive whiteboard is available in a maximum size of 111" (150 cm height by 250 cm wide) as a full ten finger touch interactive whiteboard. The graphics are bright and high quality allowing full interactivity on the entire surface.  Below is a full brochure including all the options, is can be viewed, downloaded or shared:

Here is a quick YouTube video clip of the EduGrande touch interactive whiteboard. It is available from 91" up to an astounding 111" - making this the largest interactive whiteboard available in South Africa. The 111" board has a height of 150 cm and a length of 250 cm.

We already have thousands of classrooms in South Africa using EduBoards. If your school is “thinking about” or “planning” to start using Interactive whiteboards or tablets we will certainly be able to offer you a solution designed to meet your short, medium and long term needs. We have a great team of people ready to assist and support you, give us a call or drop us an email, we look forward to hearing from you.
EduBoard is a South African interactive whiteboard offering available to schools, education departments and authorised re-sellers.