Resurface old boards

Amazing resurface your old boards with high quality Write-On material 


Resurfacing all your old chalkboards and turning them into whiteboards saves thousands of rands. In the photo below, the old chalkboard was 5m long. If this school in South Africa had replaced them with new magnetic whiteboards, it would have cost them around R5400 but instead it cost them less than R2000. The end result is a high quality magnetic whiteboard and a significant saving.

Write-On is a superb high quality school chalkboard and school whiteboard resurfacing material. It has been used on thousands of chalkboards in schools throughout South Africa to save 50% or more on the cost of replacing old chalkboards or whiteboards. In addition to turning chalkboards into high quality gloss whiteboards, we can also turn them into interactive whiteboards or projector surfaces,with our special matte whiteboard material.

The product is available through all EduBoard agents or directly to your school in 50 m rolls, if you are wanting to do your own installation. 

The advantages of using Write-On are clear  
  • All the products, chalkboard, gloss white and matte white achieve a high quality board
  • The  chalkboard and gloss whiteboard surface offer excellent chalk and dry marker performance that is easy to clean with no ghosting or staining.
  •  The data projector matte surface can by used with dry markers if necessary and cleaned using just water and a standard micro fiber cloth.
  • Many size variations can be achieved
  • We also make and supply new boards with any of the material. Standard readily available sizes are a height of 1,2m and lengths from 80cm up to 3m long 
  • You can D.I.Y. or we can quote you on doing the installation for you.
 For more information or to quote call us on our National number 086 111 4194, e-mail us at or visit our Write-On website at