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    EduBoard offers an extensive range of whiteboards, chalk boards, glass boards, pin boards and low reflective matte whiteboards in various sizes directly to schools. We deliver Nationwide.
    Hinged Boards - 3 pieces in Chalkboard and whiteboard
    Swing Leaf Boards 5 piece whiteboard and chalkboards

    Here is a breakdown of the types of boards we offer:
    1. Chalk Boards - Magnetic, Non Magnetic with deluxe aluminium frames 
    2. White Boards - Magnetic, Non Magnetic with deluxe aluminium frames
    3. Vitreous Enamel magnetic green chalk boards (Tender specifications)
    4. Vitreous Enamel magnetic white boards (tender specifications)
    5. SPECIAL PRODUCT - Dual purpose low Reflective matte whiteboards for Data Projectors, interactive whiteboards and normal dry marker pens*
    6. Felt Pin Boards - Large colour selection
    7. Carpet pin boards - Large colour selection
    8. Pull Down screens from 1,5m
    9. Motorised screens from small to large 7m plus
    10. Speciality Boards, cabinet with glass, glass boards, lined boards
    11. Write-On Resurfacing material for old chalkboards or white boards
    12. Low reflective matte whiteboard resurfacing material suitable for data projectors and drymarkers.* (clean and care with a microfibre cloth and water.)
    13. NEW Corporate MAGNETIC Glassboards see pic below
    Magnetic white Glass board - available in assorted sizes

    Available in these sizes - delivery Nationwide:

    600mm x 900mm
    900mm x 900mm
    900mm x 1200mm
    1200mm x 1200mm
    1200mm x 1500mm
    1200mm x 1800mm
    1200mm x 2400mm

    Contact us at 086 111 4194 or e-mail us info@eduboard.co.za for a full quotation including delivery.
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